Format: Short Film

Client: Science History Institute

Director: Glenn Holsten

Producer: Chayne Gregg

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

Editors: Sean Maher / Greg Heller / Ryan Camp

“George Rosenkranz”

Produced for the Science History Institute (formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation), the Scientists You Must Know series presents the electrifying story of five scientists whose insatiable curiosity about the world changed it forever. From the first spark of interest to the explosive discovery, their lives shows what happens when risk-taking, savvy, and determination melds with a love of science.

This video explores the life of George Rosenkranz, who narrowly escaped from Europe before the outbreak of World War II,  and went on to become CEO and chairman of Syntex, a hugely successful pharmaceutical company. "George led the development of the oral contraceptive pill, served as chairman of the corporation that brought it to the global market, and thereby permanently changed world culture."

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