Women in Chemistry Series Trailer

Deliverables: 2 One-hour documentaries for broadcast
Show trailers & promos
13 biography webisodes
5 social media shorts

Our Roles: Pre-Production
Archival Research
Voiceover Script & Casting

Science history institute

Our partnership with the Science History Institute (formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation) started with the production of Women in Chemistry, a series of eight biographies following the adventures of pioneering women in chemistry. 

Direct-to-camera interviews, table-top footage and archival material was brought to life in the edit-room with a fast-paced multi-frame style.

Each episode in the series was unique, and yet each of the women had common threads throughout their stories.

When the Science History Institute asked us to merge their episodes into a one hour-long show for PBS, we were delighted.

Women In Chemistry Biographies

Scientists you must know


The Science History Institute approached us a year later with another fantastic idea to introduce the world to the unfamiliar names behind some very familiar discoveries, a series titled Scientists You Must Know.

With a combination of a direct-to-camera approach on green screen, b-roll, archival footage and personal images, we were able to give each video in the series a consistent look, while maintaining the personality of each individual scientist.

For the series, we produced a one hour show for PBS that was narrated by Ashley Judd, five individual biography stories of the scientists, and teaser videos for each biography used for social media.

Scientists You Must Know: Biographies


Scientists You Must Know:
Social media Teasers