Threshold of a New Planet: Finding Hope From History in the Fight Against Climate Change, documentary film

Format: Full Length Documentary

Director: Glenn Holsten

Producers: Chayne Gregg and Mariel Carr

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

Graphics: Andrea Bitai

"We're standing on the threshold of a different planet, it's going to happen in our lifetime."

- Susan Solomon, Atmospheric Chemist, MIT


We're living in a time of grave environmental uncertainty, and the devastating effects of climate change are all too familiar. Extreme weather, catastrophic wildfires, and damaging droughts affect every aspects of our lives and reach every corner of the planet. Climate change threatens our homes, our food supply, and our jobs. Though the dangers are clear, solutions can seem out of reach. There is, however, hope from history. A number of environmental success stories from the last half century counters this narrative of impossibility and provides a message of hope, determination and action.