Format: Web/Social Media Content

Client: Speakman

Director: Sean Maher

Producer: Chayne Gregg

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

Editor: Greg Heller


FreshFly teamed up with Speakman to create a series of videos to kick off their ‘For The Love of Water’ campaign; a nationwide initiative to conserve a billion gallons of water by switching to the Speakman Reaction shower head.

After an extensive casting process, FreshFly and Speakman selected Giancarlo Mariutto to be The Enthusiast. The Enthusiast is obsessed with Speakman, and he’s on a mission to save water by convincing everybody that switching to the low-flow Speakman Reaction shower head not only saves water, but doesn’t sacrifice shower performance. Extensive prep and a full day of filming at the Speakman warehouse in New Castle, Delaware, was needed to create this campaign film.

Numerous social media promotional videos were created from additional shooting in Southern California and at the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.


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