Format: Full Length Documentary

Director: Glenn Holsten

Producers: Chayne Gregg and Mariel Carr

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

Graphics: Andrea Bitai

"When the history of AIDS and the global response to it is written, our most precious contribution may well be that at the time of the plague we did not flee; we did not hide; and we did not separate."

- Jonathan Mann (1947-1998)

 Former Head of the World Health Organization's Global AIDS Program


What was it like for the scientist who faced the tidal wave of the rapidly spreading epidemic in the laboratories around the world?

What was it like to have the political, social, and professional pressures swirling around you as you searched, first to identify the virus, and second, to find a way to stop this epidemic that behaved like none other ever had?

How did they build knowledge -- brick by brick -- to determine how AIDS affects the human body and what therapies would help, all with the crushing weight of the world desperately watching, waiting for a cure?

RAGE AGAINST THE PLAGUE documents the scientific community's sometimes imperfect, always innovative, and ultimately successful, efforts to stop a global disease in its tracks.