Rage Against the Plague: How Science Beat AIDS, documentary film series

Format: Four-Part Documentary Series

Director: Glenn Holsten

Producer: Chayne Gregg

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

AIDS has nearly disappeared from public consciousness, but the disease lives on.  In fact, AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate among certain populations.  And while science may be within striking distance of a cure, the obstacles to eradicating the disease — scientific, political and social — are as formidable as ever.

AIDS is still very much a story playing out in real time.  LOVE + RAGE IN THE TIME OF HIV + AIDS is the first documentary film series that tells the whole story — the full scope and impact that AIDS and HIV had and are continuing to have on our world.

"When the history of AIDS and the global response to it is written, our most precious contribution may well be that at the time of the plague we did not flee; we did not hide; and we did not separate."

- Jonathan Mann (1947-1998)

 Former Head of the World Health Organization's Global AIDS Program


LOVE + RAGE IN THE TIME OF HIV + AIDS is a four-part series that will premiere on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2020 — 40 years after the first patients with AIDS were identified.  Each hour focuses on one of the following aspects of AIDS: the science of the disease, its political effect, its social impact and its march to countries across the globe. 

And while LOVE + RAGE IN THE TIME OF HIV + AIDS is a documentary series about sickness and death, politics and money, it is also a story about strength and community, resilience and ingenuity, compassion and love.