Philanthropy On Film - samples

The client: Longwood Gardens, one of the nation’s premier botanical gardens founded by Pierre S. du Pont.

The goal: Grow anticipation and attendance for the unveiling of the 3-year, $93 million renovations of the Main Fountain Garden.

The approach: Create a feature film and video series detailing the work behind the renovation as well as the history of the Gardens’ founder Pierre S. du Pont.

The results: Flowing Water aired on ABC to millions of viewers, leading to a 58% increase in Main Fountain Garden visitorship year to date. Longwood Gardens continues to use the videos to educate guests on site and attract visitors online.

The client: Andrew Wyeth family estate and The Brandywine River Museum

The goal: Build awareness and engage fans by showcasing the work and life of world renowned artist Andrew Wyeth, painter of “Christina’s World.”

The approach: Engage Wyeth’s family, friends, as well as museum exhibitors in a series of interviews across the USA and Japan.

The results: The Wyeth family estate called it “the best representation of Andrew Wyeth ever done”; the feature film will be released nationwide and aired on PBS in [late 2018].

The client: Science History Institute (formerly The Chemical Heritage Foundation), committed to promoting and preserving the history of science.

The goal: Promote the organization’s mission by sharing the stories of scientists who shaped the world in which we live.

The approach: Interview industry leaders and major donors for two documentary series: Women in Chemistry and Scientists You Must Know.

The results: The series opened doors to new supporters and major donations, particularly from featured interviewees; one subject’s single donation paid for the campaign 10 times over.

The client: The team behind OC87, a feature film; and OC87 Recovery Diaries, a documentary series — both exploring stories of mental health.

The goal: Raise awareness of mental health issues through documentary campaigns highlighting individuals’ journeys with mental health.

The approach: Work closely with the client to craft honest, engaging narratives across over 70 short documentaries and promotional videos.

The results: The feature film won critical acclaim from the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as praise from the mental health community, streamed on Netflix, and lead to the creation of, an online community which encourages guests to share their own stories.

Additional trailers for documentaries we produced.