Deliverables: 2 campaigns
6 patient stories
4 treatment stories

Our Roles: Pre-production
Patient Selection
Creative Direction
Motion Graphics


Collaboration + Trust = Success

FreshFly illuminates the mission to make sense of complex medical information so women can make the best decisions for their lives. With so many production companies acting as hired guns on an assembly line, FreshFly is a rare exception. Working with FreshFly doesn’t feel like work. Their intuition, respect, responsiveness, passion, positivity, and laid-back demeanor makes every project a gratifying experience.
— Claire Nixon, Editorial Director

In 2016 embarked on an ambitious campaign to educate women at high risk for breast cancer with difficult but potentially life-saving information. Increasing the stakes, this information was complicated to understand.  At just the right time, BCO chose FreshFly as a trusted partner to help curate this sensitive content. Together, we raised awareness and eased anxiety about risk-reducing surgical options for women who’ve tested positive for a high-risk cancer gene mutation.  

The result: three raw and compelling patient stories, accompanied by two moving and trustworthy doctor-focused profiles.  One of the doctors had a critical goal: he wanted to visually demonstrate the process of surgical reconstruction, but in a thoughtful and elegant way that would be reassuring to viewers.  Our team had the solution. We led a collaboration between an illustrator, who drew the process by hand, and a visual-effects artist, who brought the sketches to life in three dimensions. Finally, the animations were seamlessly integrated into a live-action short film.  The results were effectively show women what to expect while reducing the risk of anxiety.


For BCO these films delivered viewing numbers that exceeded their campaign goals:
25,000+ people reached on Facebook
17,000+ YouTube views
16,000+ campaign page views


The campaign was so successful that BCO, and their funding partner - The Center for Restorative Breast Surgery - decided to re-engage with FreshFly in 2017.  This time, the goal was to curate authentic stories of women who’ve undergone breast reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis. Again, FreshFly delivered five engaging films: three patient short doc-style films and two doctor-themed stories.


The results of the 2017 campaign were even more impactful than the previous year.  

For BCO:  
26,000+ campaign page views
25,000+ YouTube views
16,000+ people reached on Facebook

41,000+ YouTube views


In March 2018 FreshFly won a Silver ADDY award for one of the patient films, Mimi’s Story.  Part of the 2017 series, this piece advanced to the district awards where it was again recognized with a Silver ADDY.  The film is currently under consideration for national recognition.

It has been our privilege and a real joy to partner with to showcase these stories in powerful ways and positively impact their global community.  We are excited and grateful that BCO and CRBS are continuing the partnership into 2018 and beyond!


Patient Stories

Treatment Stories