Format: Documentary Series

Director: Glenn Holsten

Producer: Chayne Gregg

Director of Photography: Phil Bradshaw

Graphics: Andrea Bitai

American schools serve more than 12 million kids breakfast breakfast and 31 million kids lunch each day. Approximately 7,000,000,000 (billion) lunches are being served every year. It's known that a healthy diet can enhance memory, increase cognitive speed and improve attention spans, thereby preparing our nation's children for a healthy, successful life. So why are over one-third of U.S. children overweight or obese?

The national school lunch program is failing our children.

However, there are places in this country where change is happening. And the results are astounding.

AMERICAN SCHOOL LUNCH crosses the country, focusing on the welfare of American children, with an unabashedly noble mission to create the healthiest, most productive students possible.